Red Wedding Flowers - Red color for the elegant Weddings

Published: 26th March 2010
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Red Wedding Flowers is one of the most elegant colors for wedding flowers and arrangements. There are numerous types of red wedding flowers symbolize love, romance, congratulations, admiration and intensity. Red flowers add beautiful color to your wedding. Red is a color suitable for any wedding celebrations because of its connotations of love and marital happiness.

Red is such a strong color, you do not need to guard against it increasingly irresistible as to what is used in large quantity. It can be a bit harder to create tonal arrangements. Red wedding flowers often clash, as they are not carefully used and that matches almost perfectly. Consulting with a florist will be money well spent if you're interested in red wedding flower arrangements.

The classical and original beauty of wedding red flowers, make it an obvious choice for brides who want a romantic atmosphere. However, red wedding flowers should fit your style and tell us something about yourself and your marriage. Red wedding flowers and arrangements are quite stunning and pleasing to the eye.

Red is an easy color for Massed or a single flower combination. Red wedding flowers can be orange hues and shades of brown for a lovely red flower arrangement wedding arranged. Take a look at the flower ideas below and you can add other types of red flowers found to suit you.

Types of Red Wedding Flowers:

A: Aster, Amaryllis
B: Bee Balm, Bittersweet
C: Carnation, Cosmos, Calla lily, Cannas, Chrysanthemum
D: Dahlia, Daisy
F: Foxglove
G: Geraniums, Gladiolus, Gerbera Daisies
T: hollyhock, Hawthorn, Honeysuckle
I: Impatiens
J: Jonquil
L: Lily, Lilly of the Valley, Larkspur
M: Marigold, Morning Glory
N: Nasturtium
P: Petunia, Poinsettia, Primrose, Poppy
R: Red Callas Lilies, Rose
S: Straw Flower, Sweet William, Scarlet Rose, Snowdrop, Sweet Pea
T: Tea Rose, Trumpet Wine
V: Violet
W: Water Lily

Red wedding flowers go well with white, lighter shades of pink, yellow, softer blues and green flowers. Many of these colors bring stability and unity over the exciting color of red. For example, pairing the crisp blue of Delphinium with the true red of Geraniums will join endurance and emotion in a bridal bouquet or centerpiece.

Add yellow will highlight the warmth of your wedding flowers and red would be ideal for an outdoor wedding. Blending red and yellow Straw Flowers would be a great choice for a summer wedding. A fall wedding would also benefit from this color and flower combination as it would mirror what happens in nature.

The best place to save wedding flowers online. Different flowers cost more or less depending on the type and the season. Red wedding flowers are en energy boost along with an added touch of love and style to your wedding flower arrangements. You can find the red wedding flowers for your bouquet, the bridesmaid's flowers, favors, table centerpieces, and much more to use. A simple red flower wedding can be an incredible splash of color to your wedding.

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